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webpg-chrome : Installation : Chrome on Linux

WebPG for Chrome/Chromium on Linux is the same extension for Chrome/Chromium on other operating systems.

The (current) requirements are:

  • gnupg
  • gpg-agent
  • gnupg2
A working key agent is absolutely necessary, as, the web browser client should never be asking for the passphrase to unlock a private key - I have this belief for the following reasons
  1. The user should not be encouraged to type their passphrase into anything other than the key agent (ESPECIALLY NOT THE BROWSER)
  2. Passing around the passphrase within the browser is a dangerous proposition
The gnupg2 package is required because it provides gpgconf - which is used to control aspects of gpg during operations such signing. (without gpgconf, the gpg configuration cannot be modified through libgpgme)
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