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      These are some various projects I have been working on.
    • libwebpg
      libwebpg is a C library that provides an abstracted GnuPG interface. libwebpg is used by webpg-npapi and webpg-ctypes to interface with GnuPG.
    • webpg-firefox
      WebPG provides GnuPG related Public/Private Key operations and management in Mozilla Firefox
    • webpg-chrome
      WebPG provides GnuPG related Public/Private Key operations and management in Google Chrome/Chromium
    • webpg-npapi
      webpg-npapi is an NPAPI plugin project that provides GnuPG related Public/Private Key operations for use in major browsers.
    • gpgAuth-chrome
      gpgAuth plugin for Chrome/Chromium browsers
    • buildcrx
      Standalone C utility for Windows and Linux to RSA sign using OpenSSL and pack a zip-file containing chrome extension data into a CRX file.
    • Project: Noise
      I am not a musician; I just really enjoy playing music.
    • FireGPG
      FireGPG is a Firefox extension under GPL which brings an interface to encrypt, decrypt, sign or verify the signature of text in any web page using GnuPG.
    • awn-bwm
      An auto-scaling Network bandwidth throughput meter for the Avant Window Navigator
    • gpgAuth
      gpgAuth is an authentication protocol which utilizes GnuPG Public/Private Key encryption to authenticate users and services.
    • PyGault
      PyGault is a Python GTK+ storage application for storing information like username/passwords encrypted with GnuPG. This is an offshoot of the WebBased Version "GnuLocker" which was never released to the puclic..
    • JSMAP
      JSMAP is a javascript utility for visually mapping relational objects, networks or a process data-flow, entirely within the browser that requires no additional software.
    • VoID
      VoID is a caller-id and call log application for SIP based VoIP calls. The VoID multi-client daemon can listen for call-events through the event interface, or retrieve events directly off the wire with the built-in SIP packet sniffer (pyther).
    • pyther
      pyther is an entirely python packet-sniffer, which does not require any PCAP libraries for most UNIX/Linux systems. Also compatible with some Windows versions.
    • PIPC Camera Control
      A python camera control and viewer for the IPC WZ300N IP Camera
    • PySIV
      Python Simple Interactive Volume control

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