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CURE|THE|ITCH - Here you will find information about projects I am or have been working on, and any associated development logs - which contain an assortment of snippets/tips for various programming languages, techniques, etc. - The types of projects I work on are not limited to computer science and may include such topics as music composition, mathematics, social engineering, physics, etc.

You will also find log entries which are not specific to any project - just random entries about various types of something/nothing. (Politics, religion, culture, language and super-useless facts that serve little or no purpose.)

Below is a list of recent projects and/or log entries.

Recent Projects


libwebpg is a C library that provides an abstracted GnuPG interface. libwebpg is used by webpg-npapi and webpg-ctypes to interface with GnuPG.


WebPG provides GnuPG related Public/Private Key operations and management in Mozilla Firefox


WebPG provides GnuPG related Public/Private Key operations and management in Google Chrome/Chromium


webpg-npapi is an NPAPI plugin project that provides GnuPG related Public/Private Key operations for use in major browsers.


gpgAuth plugin for Chrome/Chromium browsers


Standalone C utility for Windows and Linux to RSA sign using OpenSSL and pack a zip-file containing chrome extension data into a CRX file.

Project: Noise

I am not a musician; I just really enjoy playing music.


FireGPG is a Firefox extension under GPL which brings an interface to encrypt, decrypt, sign or verify the signature of text in any web page using GnuPG.


An auto-scaling Network bandwidth throughput meter for the Avant Window Navigator


gpgAuth is an authentication protocol which utilizes GnuPG Public/Private Key encryption to authenticate users and services.


PyGault is a Python GTK+ storage application for storing information like username/passwords encrypted with GnuPG. This is an offshoot of the WebBased Version "GnuLocker" which was never released to the puclic..


JSMAP is a javascript utility for visually mapping relational objects, networks or a process data-flow, entirely within the browser that requires no additional software.


VoID is a caller-id and call log application for SIP based VoIP calls. The VoID multi-client daemon can listen for call-events through the event interface, or retrieve events directly off the wire with the built-in SIP packet sniffer (pyther).


pyther is an entirely python packet-sniffer, which does not require any PCAP libraries for most UNIX/Linux systems. Also compatible with some Windows versions.

PIPC Camera Control

A python camera control and viewer for the IPC WZ300N IP Camera

Recent Log Entries

kylehuff pushed to libwebpg/master 2016-08-06 10:57:30

Project: libwebpg

Repository: libwebpg

merge curl headers and add cyassl headers to arm build

Files added:
  • libs/libcurl/L...

kylehuff pushed to libwebpg/master 2016-08-06 10:18:37

Project: libwebpg

Repository: libwebpg

fixes for osx build

Files modified:
  • config.sh
  • webpg.cc

add _id field to response dat...

kylehuff pushed to webpg-chrome/master 2016-07-14 19:46:54

Project: webpg-chrome

Repository: webpg-chrome

add _id field to callbacks

Files modified:
  • extension/API/libwebpg/nativeMessag...

kylehuff pushed to webpg-chrome/master 2016-07-10 21:02:58

Project: webpg-chrome

Repository: webpg-chrome

pull translations from launchpad

Files added:
  • po/ug.po
Files modified:
  • chrome/_l...

kylehuff pushed to webpg-chrome/master 2016-07-10 19:57:03

Project: webpg-chrome

Repository: webpg-chrome

Update all translations

Files modified:
  • chrome/_locales/ar/messages.json
  • chrome...

mod_python  gpgAuth Enabled