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Log Entries for awn-bwm

Recent Development Log Entries

More features!

The current testing release of awn-extras (ppa:/awn-testing) has some new features -

  • Applet width
  • Applet graph toggle
  • Size override
  • Applet/Dialog trafic/signal scale
Here is a screenshot -

Screenshot of the Applet Width preference in action


AWN Bandwidth monitor changes

I have recently (okay, a month or 2 ago..) made some changes to the bandwidth monitor for the Avant Window Navigator. I posted some video of the changes, and explain most of the changes on in the description to the screenshots/videos.

You can access the screenshots/videos/examples here: http://www.curetheitch.com/projects/awn-bwm/example/


Bugfix: First interface not parsed on non-English systems

The first interface listed in the output of netstat was not being parsed by bandwidth-monitor on systems with a non-English language setting. This occurs because the output is stripped of non-interface related (verbose) output, which foolishly assumes everybody uses English... stupid mistake on my part.

I changed the stripping of non-interface information to occur based on the absence of required information instead of the presence of extraneous information.

Fixed. Thanks to the user who reported this bug!

Recent Changelog Entries

awn-bwm :: Changelog: 12/25/2010

  • Fixed memory leak in wireless graph (bug #694378)
  • Fixed float devision caused by 0 value in multi/sum interfaces (bug #673918)
  • Fixed interface selection list not updating (bug #694380)
  • Removed traffic backfill that was causing "ghost" traffic display on applet start
  • Some minor cleanup


awn-bwm :: Changelog: 01/05/2010

  • PEP8 cleanup of all lines > 80 chars
  • Rename of classes/variables for space/consistency
  • Change of timer values for consistent drawing.
  • Removed some unused modules.
  • Removed 'blank.png' - initial icon is now created with gtk.gdk.pixbuf_new_from_xpm_data()

awn-bwm :: Changelog: 01/03/2010

  • Removed settings.load/load_preferences
  • Fix for applet/font-sizing when changing orientation
  • Changed instantiation of color objects to use gtk.gdk.color_parse instead of gtk.gdk.Color('#XXX') for older systems
  • Changed handling of default preferences/unassigned keys

awn-bwm :: Changelog: 01/02/2010

  • Fixed bug which caused the unit of measure checkbutton to become out of sync with the gconf value
  • Changed default interface to '', was wlan0 for some reason..
  • PEP8 verified - mostly complaint, a few lines are "too long"
  • Replaced icon
  • Removed LICENSE file - provided by AWN
  • Fixed desktop file version
  • Removed "Encoding" from desktop file
  • Improved logic for setting device preference values per Mark Lee's suggestion
  • Added timeout_add_seconds wrapper function
  • Adjusted width calculation if orientation is vertical
  • Change version string to use awn.extras.__version__
  • Changed email address

awn-bwm :: Changelog: 12/20/2009

  • Change logic to graph calculation which corrects the following rendering issues -
    1. Graph lines drawing outside of border/frame
    2. Graph normalised top-value was rendering off-screen when applet size smaller than 35
    3. Graph normalised top-value was rendering very low on the graph when applet size greater than 60
  • Changed scaling of initial icon - it was rendering too large and centered text was displayed with an odd alignment to the dock
  • Fixed some issues with default values
  • Changed short-name to 'bandwidth-monitor' to match schema file
  • Corrected path to UI file
  • Fixed division by zero error
  • Addedd bandwidth-monitor.ui and bwmprefs.py to Makefile.am

awn-bwm :: Changelog: 12/19/2009

  • Added preferences to control -
    1.     Enable/Disable drawing of the background
    2.     Enable/Disable drawing of the border
    3.     Select color/opacity of background
    4.     Select color/opacity of border
    5.     Options to control the text representation of throughput
    1.         Display Upload/Download text
    2.         Display Sum text only
    3.         Do not display text - only draw the graph.
  • Enable/Disable drawing the zero value in the graph (if true, draw a line at the bottom of the graph for zero value)

awn-bwm :: Changelog: 12/18/2009

  • Cleaned up code to make it run faster or use less resources
  • Removed everything related to the status of interfaces (Not required, may add later)
  • Removed everything related to IP Addresses for interfaces (Not required, may add later)

awn-bwm :: Changelog: 12/16/2009

  • Added call to applet.errors.general if read access to /proc/net/dev fails.
  • Made changes to TODO file
  • Change parser logic for to handle interfaces with less than 11 columns of output in 'netstat -iea'

awn-bwm :: Changelog: 12/14/2009

  • Created preferences dialog to manage options -
    1. An option to select the unit Bytes/bits
    2. A spinbutton entry for setting the minimum threshold
    3. A "Devices" pref-pane which allows selection of interfaces into virtual interfaces
    4. A color picker for upload and download colors for use in the line-graph.
  • Fixed division by zero that would occur in some scenarios.

awn-bwm :: Changelog: 12/10/2009

  • Added virtual interfaces for SUM and MULTI
    1. The Sum Interface is a virtual interface which displays the sum throughput of all interfaces that are selected for "Sum"
    2. The Multi Interface is a virtual interface which displays each individual throughput of the interfaces that are selected for "Multi", each with the colors defined for the interface.
  • Added logic to parse and use preferences that are planned

awn-bwm :: Changelog: 11/29/2009

  • Changed table generation function to be less verbose
  • Fixed regular expression for gathering IP/Netmask
  • Changed IP/Netmask tooltip logic
  • Changed command for device stats gathering to include administratively down-interfaces

awn-bwm :: Changelog: 11/28/2009

  • Changed initial ratio value to 1 to prevent the graphs from ignoring data transfers below 3200 bytes
  • Changed the graph scaling to display the line graph almost center of the graph window below 6400 bytes
  • Added items to the TODO list
  • pep8 verified main program file
  • Added a few non-parsed comments to the source file

awn-bwm :: Changelog: 11/27/2009

  • Applied patch from mhr3 which included -
    1. Changes to applet short-name
    2. Changes to Makefile.am
    3. Fixed spelling of "CHANGLOG" to "CHANGELOG"
    4. Renamed awn-bwm.schema-ini to awn-applet-bwm.schema-ini
  • Changed the application of the cairo surface to use applet.set_icon_context()
  • Fixed bug which caused rendering the scale of the upload speed off-screen
  • Removed references to some obsolete functions/methods/properties
  • Filter out the wmaster0 interface.
  • Applied patch from onox:
    1. Renamed some classes
    2. Removed functions for things abstracted by AWN
    3. Cleaned up some of the syntax
    4. Cleaned up some naming conventions
  • Created a new branch repository (previous was setup wrong): lp:~kylehuff/awn-extras/0.4-bandwidth-monitor

awn-bwm :: Changelog: 11/25/2009

  • Eliminated usage of 'ifconfig' command - moved everything to netstat
  • Bumped to version v0.3.9.2
  • Created launchpad branch - lp:~kylehuff/awn-extras/awn-bwm

awn-bwm :: Changelog: 11/24/2009

  • Converted text to OverlayText()
  • Cleaned up some functions
  • Bumped version to v0.3.9.1


awn-bwm :: Changelog: 11/23/2009

  • Implemented API v0.4
  • Changed from v0.3.2.8 to v0.3.9.0

awn-bwm :: Changelog: 04/18/2006

  • Original release - 0.1

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