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PySIV : Introduction

PySIV is a simple PyGTK application which provides a volume control slider that should *always* be the top-most application, giving quick and easy access to control the system volume.

This application is extremly simple - as the name implies.

It stores its configuration in ~/.config/siv  - items stored are:

  • The position, so it always sets the position to the last position used.
  • The orientation - horizontal by default.

To set the position, just drag the object to the desired position - by clicking the left mouse button down on the right most button and moving the mouse.

The left-most button closes the application.


See? Stupidly simple.


Currently there is no GUI toggle for the orientation - to set the orientation to vertical, you must edit the file ~/.config/siv/orientation and enter the string virtical, save it and reopen the PySIV.


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