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Project: Noise : Project: Noise

I have been playing around on guitar for some number of years - I never learned to play, but I play anyway. 

The long and short of it is: I like to make noise, and I manage said noise at soundcloud.com - they provided this nice widget for me. Thanks soundcloud!

Currently I have a few (acoustic) tracks uploaded. I am in the process of throwing 4 or 5 tracks together in a sort of 'posterity' album. None of this is studio quality, neither is it very good - the thing is; my daughter has always been a mamma's girl, and putting her to sleep without her mother present was quite the challenge. I started recording said endeavors with my cellphone and put them together as a short album. These are all original pieces I wrote either on the fly or years ago. They are performed using a un-amplified acoustic guitar and recorded with a cellphone - hence the name.

An uncertain discomfort and a cellular microphone by kylehuff

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