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FireGPG : Introduction


My previous involvement in FireGPG was implementing gpgAuth - which was really nice because FireGPG already had a GnuPG API using IPC.

It appears that FireGPG has had a change of hands - and I am not sure of its current status - however I have decided to move in a different direction anyway and focus my efforts on a standalone gpgAuth implementation for Mozilla Firefox.

I have been working tirelessly implementing a platform independent, browser agnostic library for  gpgAuth, and I am *very* close to a release...

You can follow the progress of this at the gpgAuth project page here: http://www.curetheitch.com/projects/gpgAuth/




As many of you know, the_glu has recently discontinued development of FireGPG - being a long-time contributor to the extension (FireGPG has a built-in gpgAuth client) I have requested the project be released to us so we can maintain (rewrite) it and provide support.  We are currently in the process of getting everything in order to be able to do this, please be patient. The new location (for now) for the fork of FireGPG will be @ http://www.firegpg.com - and also here, once we have decided on a home for the actual code, and whatever re-branding may be necessary.

Stay tuned!

mod_python  gpgAuth Enabled