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buildcrx : Building/Compiling

To compile on linux (for linux), just type


Then copy bin/linux_x86-gcc3/buildcrx to where you want to use it. (or just use it there)


To cross-compile this utility for windows on linux using mingw, simply execute

make CC=i586-mingw32msvc-gcc

To build on a windows machine, either modify the makefile to your needs, or in this directory just run:

gcc -L libs/openssl -I include/openssl/winnt_x86-msvc -g -Wall -o bin/winnt_x86-msvc/buildcrx.exe buildcrx.c -lm -DDEBUG -lcrypto -lgdi32

Then copy bin/winnt_x86-msvc/buildcrx.exe to where you want to use it.



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