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kylehuff pushed to webpg-firefox/master 2012-10-01 15:35:22

Repository: webpg-firefox

Changes for v0.8.8

  • Fixed gmail integration not loading
  • Fixed Send Button override for gmail integration; closes #62;
  • Fixed issue that made it impossible to sign a UID in the search results; closes #63
  • Added user preference to sign outgoing email in gmail by default; closes #64
  • Improved load time and removed un-needed gmail_integration checks
  • Added very basic and unfriendly thunderbird support (sign only)
  • Changed utility method webpg.utils.onRequest to webpg.utils._onRequest to in order to pass validation for addons.mozilla.org, which erroneously detects this as a handleEvent call, not a user defined method. Lame.
Files added:
  • extension/XULContent/thunderbird/composeOverlay.js
  • extension/XULContent/thunderbird/composeOverlay.xul
  • extension/XULContent/thunderbird/thunderbirdOverlay.xul
  • extension/XULContent/thunderbird/thunderbirdUtils.js
Files modified:
  • chrome.manifest
  • config_build.sh
  • defaults/preferences/webpg-firefox.js
  • extension/background.js
  • extension/gmail.js
  • extension/key_manager.js
  • extension/options.html
  • extension/options.js
  • extension/preferences.js
  • extension/skin/overlay.css
  • extension/utils.js
  • extension/webpg_overlay.js
  • extension/webpg_results.js
  • install.rdf
Files removed:
  • extension/XULContent/thunderbirdOverlay.xul

Merge branch 'master' of github.com:kylehuff/webpg-firefox

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