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kylehuff pushed to gpgauth/master 2011-01-27 17:34:32

Repository: gpgauth

Binary refresh and minor changes

  • (NPAPI Plugin) Added version string
  • (NPAPI Plugin) Fixed Windows plugin reference to header files that changed in firebreath 1.4
  • (NPAPI Plugin) Formatted some lines of code to be shorter
  • (Chrome Extension) Fixed bug in Druid that mis-reported availablity of gpgconf methods on all platforms
  • (Chrome Extension) Fixed positioning issue with help text for newly imported keys
Files modified:
  • gpgAuthPlugin/Win/dllmain.cpp
  • gpgAuthPlugin/Win/np_winmain.cpp
  • gpgAuthPlugin/gpgAuthPluginAPI.cpp
  • gpgAuthPlugin/gpgAuthPluginAPI.h
  • gpgauth-chrome/druid.html
  • gpgauth-chrome/options.html
  • gpgauth-chrome/plugins/Darwin_x86-gcc3/npgpgAuth-v1.0.3b.plugin/Contents/MacOS/gpgAuthPlugin
  • gpgauth-chrome/plugins/Linux_x86-gcc3/npgpgAuth-v1.0.3b.so
  • gpgauth-chrome/plugins/Linux_x86_64-gcc3/npgpgAuth-v1.0.3b.so
  • gpgauth-chrome/plugins/WINNT_x86-msvc/npgpgAuth-v1.0.3b.dll
Compare 892252a...40f45a7

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